Serving you on this earth, all that the Cloud has to offer.

Let’s dispose our e-waste responsibly
& Make this
earth GREEN.

All that glitters is
not gold unless
assured by
High level of
Quality control.

With increasing dependency on technology, increases the responsibility of its Security.

Trusting world-class Infrastructure and Technology to recover lost data.

Data is very crucial and securely destructing it much more.

ECS Corporation

ECS is a Group of companies based out in Ahmedabad, India; that offer world-class Solutions, Technologies, Products, Services and Trainings through the best technological infrastructure and environment friendly practices. In other words, ECS is a Blue Organization on a GREEN mission; i.e. a Technology group with an environmental perspective.

ECS, with its ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certifications, addresses futuristic challenges and offers solutions like Affordable Computing, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Digital and Cyber Forensics, Environment Friendly e-waste Management.

ECS’s strength lies in its long-term association with Global Technology Leaders from around the world, including Japan, Switzerland, South Korea, Israel, China, UAE and others. It is Conceptualized and nurtured by a visionary leader, Mr. Vijay Mandora, having almost three decades of industry experience and backed by a very strong team with decades of experience in technology on a global platform.

Since inception, ECS as a group, has continuously been achieving new heights and add new dimensions into technological advancements to aid society as a whole. Today, as a conglomerate, ECS has become synonym to Trust for Safe and Responsible technological innovations.

Service we provide

Cloud & Cloud Managed Services

ECS one of India’s leading and advanced data center solution provider having a state-of-art cloud-based data center. From OS to Cloud, thecompetent professionals at ECS...................

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Digital & Cyber Forensics

ECS is one of the national leaders for advanced level of Digital and Cyber Forensics. In addition to its Proprietary and Patented technological solutions for Digital and Cyber Forensics...

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e-Waste Management

Being one of the pioneers in the Indian history of Environment friendly e-waste management, ECS provides e-waste management services with a unique 4R philosophy.................

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Our Products


We understand that technology is magical wand. We believe constant innovation and research. we proudly introduce ECSPlorater.

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Refurbished Products

On mission to provide affordable technologies to citizens, ECS offers a range of Refurbished DoA IT products...

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Our Clients

Federal Bank

Meet With Our Awesome Clients


KM Thakkar

ECS is Customer centrist cloud service provider. By migrating our in house IT Infrastructure to ECS Cloud now we have achieved 3 times greater performance and 35% of cost savings also. 

InfoAnalytica Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

We had very good experiance with ECS. We would definately recommended ECS to anyone looking to dispose ewaste.


Chintan shah

If you are looking for an easy solution without buying servers and moreover maintaining the complete infrastructure in your offices, ECS will certainly offer you a very simple, reliable, cost effective and efficient solution. 



As per my experience the support from team has been excellent and they are able to resolve the issue immediately

ECS is a BLUE Organization on a GREEN Mission.