About Us

ECS Eco-friendly Computech Solution

ECS, a unique venture that focuses not just on delivering world-class Technology to individuals and organizations, but also on addressing the environmental sensibilities, was incepted with the quest to give further impetus, and to add new dimensions to the Technology and Environment.

ECS Corporation was Founded and promoted by Mr. Vijay Mandora. His commitment with industry has been for almost three decades. A visionary leader and philanthropist, he laid the foundation of ECS, a decade ago, envisaging the need for best Green IT Solutions, Environment friendly e-Waste management and Cyber Security and forensics with optimum utilization of technology.

Mr. Mandora has credit of successfully executing more than 500 large information and communication technology related projects. Nationally, he has been accoladed, recognized and honored for his leadership qualities with may prestigious awards.

Mr. Mandora is backed by a very strong, committed and hard-working team called “ECites”. Honesty, Loyalty and Performance being the prime motto for all the ECites, ECS has achieved many milestones and has been a leader in many different domains.


ECS group of company works towards enhancing the shape of technology in India by promoting eco-friendly practices and providing IT solutions and services to the end users till their utmost satisfaction through leadership, strategic relationships and implementation of futuristic technology.


ECS envisions a techno- savvy community that brings out the productivity of any business by saving time and energy; hence contributing to the growth of the country. Also, provide a clean and green environment for generations to come by innovating and implementing technologies built in harmony with nature.


We believe hopeful and positive options are available to meet the current and future needs for enhancing the technological regeneration system. ECS is inspired and guided by this belief and expresses through the values of integration of technology in our lives and also values the potential of eco-friendly technology. Everything that exists on this earth takes birth and dies. It is very essential to dispose off these dead materials in the right way to avoid heaps of dump, landfills, pollution, global warming and depletion of resources. ECS is the only company that takes responsibility to follow the 4R philosophy Reuse, Recover, Refurbish and Recycle. We believe in transparent, legal and ethical business practices. Facilitating continuous improvement in our reach to the customers with our enhanced services, latest technology implementation and build leadership skills in our people is what we believe and follow. And the foremost, giving value added services back to the society that has supported us in all our endeavors.

Awards & Achievements

CRN Xcellence Award 2012

ECS Biztech

CRN Xcellence Award 2012 for Best Sub Distributor Advanced Market West

Mother Teresa Excellence Award

Seema Mandora

Mother Teresa Excellence Award for praisworthy services, excellent performance and memorable contribution for the overall progress of society.

Asia Retail Excellance Award

Vijay Mandora

Asia Retail Excellance Award to Vijay Mandora CMD of ECS Biztech Pvt Ltd.

IGSP Award

Seema Mandora

Indira Gandhi Seva Shree Puraskar for Outstanding Individual Achievements.

ECS is synonym to Trust for Safe and Responsible technological innovations.