Losing your Data may cost you a Fortune. Fortunately, we can Recover it.

Trusting world-class Infrastructure and Technology to recover lost data.

Data Recovery Services

With technologies and tie-up with global leader in data recovery, ECS provides data recovery services by its in-house team of highly skilled data-recovery professionals. ECS’s “e-research” lab is also recognized by world’s first Forensic Sciences University.

While the critical Data in the storage devices is Priceless, any Physical or Logical fault can lose any Organization’s or any Individual’s precious Data, Data recovery is process of restoring data from various media that has been lost, corrupted or not accessible for any reason.

With the help of cutting-edge Korean technology in Class100 Clean-Room infrastructure and exceptionally skilled recovery professionals, ECS offers recovery of the data with an unparalleled success rate.provides highly secured data recovery service with assurance. Specialized expertise of highly & technology is the "mantra" for our confidence. ECS Lab has been recognized as "e-research lab" by Gujarat Government Science and Forensic Department.

ECS has been providing its world-class data recovery services to various prestigious government organizations including Law-enforcement Agencies, Financial Institutions and many more departments. The success stories are endless. ECS ensures accurate, confidential, secure, and rapid data recovery by strict adherence to standards. With over three decades of experience in the IT domain, ECS has served the global clientele with transparent process and consistent success rate while providing professional data recovery services.

ECS offers Advanced level of Logical & Physical Data Recovery.

Why ECS?

Most-Sophisticated Technologies from Japan and South-Korea.

CLASS-100 Clean-Room Infrastructure.

Partnerships with Global Leaders in Data Recovery.

Partnerships with Global Leaders in Data Recovery.

Proficiency in advanced level of Chip-level Hardware Repair, Storage Media Repair, Logical & Physical Data Recovery.

Dedicated Team of experienced Data Recovery Professionals.

High level of Digital and Physical security for controlled environment.

Enormous Clientele including Government Organizations.

ECS offers Advanced level of Logical & Physical Data Recovery.